All About E-Bikes: What You Need to Know

Feb 23, 2024

All About E-Bikes: What You Need to Know

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are transforming the landscape of transportation. Whether you're navigating urban streets or traversing rugged terrain, e-bikes offer a sustainable, convenient, and exhilarating mode of travel. Here's a comprehensive overview to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of e-bikes. Eunorau is a leading manufacturer of high-quality e-bikes, offering a wide range of models for every use case and preference.

Understanding E-Bikes

E-bikes harness the power of an electric motor and battery system to augment your pedaling efforts. This assistance is particularly noticeable when tackling challenging inclines or covering extensive distances.

E-Bike Classes

E-bikes are typically classified into three categories:

Class 1: These e-bikes provide pedal-assisted propulsion, ceasing assistance once the bike reaches 20 mph.
Class 2: In addition to pedal-assist, Class 2 e-bikes offer throttle-powered propulsion up to 20 mph, eliminating the need for continuous pedaling.
Class 3: Similar to Class 1 but with assistance up to 28 mph, subject to local regulations.
Eunorau provides e-bikes in all three classes, allowing you to choose the level of assistance and speed that suits your needs.

Choosing an E-Bike

Selecting the right e-bike involves considering various factors such as your intended usage, terrain characteristics, and budget constraints. It's advisable to test ride prospective models to ensure they meet your comfort and performance requirements.
Eunorau has a variety of e-bikes for different terrains and purposes, such as mountain bikes, fat bikes, folding bikes, cargo bikes, and hunting bikes. You can browse Eunorau collection and find a dealer on our website.

E-Bike Batteries

The range of an e-bike is influenced by factors including battery capacity, motor efficiency, and riding habits. Prior to embarking on your journey, ensure that your battery is fully charged. The prevalent battery technologies in e-bikes include lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lead-acid batteries, with Li-ion being more expensive due to its scarcity and complex manufacturing process.
Eunorau uses high-quality Li-ion batteries for their e-bikes, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. Their batteries are also removable and easy to charge, giving you more flexibility and convenience.


E-bike regulations vary across jurisdictions, with some regions mandating operator licenses and helmet usage for certain models. Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations governing e-bike usage to ensure compliance and safety.


Routine maintenance is essential for preserving the performance and longevity of your e-bike. Regularly inspect components such as tire pressure, brakes, and battery condition to preemptively address any issues and optimize your riding experience.
Eunorau offers a 2-year warranty for all our e-bikes, as well as free shipping. We also have a dedicated customer service team to assist you with any issues or questions you may have.


Prioritize safety by wearing a helmet and adhering to traffic regulations while riding your e-bike. Exercise caution, especially considering the increased speeds and weight of e-bikes, and adopt defensive riding techniques to mitigate potential risks.

The Future of E-Bikes

The future of e-bikes is characterized by ongoing advancements in battery technology and motor efficiency, rendering them increasingly practical for commuting and leisure pursuits. Anticipate continued growth in infrastructure and legislative support as more individuals embrace the benefits of e-bikes.

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