1.Where does EUNORAU located?

EUNORAU E-bike is a global company which located in Melbourne(Australia). We have factory in China & Europe. For marketing, they also have warehouse in US/EUROPE.

2.What is the weight capacity of the bikes?

  • MTB bikes: 136kg~170kg
  • CARGO bikes: 200kg
  • Folding bike: 150kg
  • Step-thru bikes: 160kg
  • ROAD bikes: 120kg~125kg

3.Why does the battery indicator shown 84% for BBSHD motors?

Lots of customers used a 52V battery to connect with a 48V30A controller.Then the display might shown high voltage error 07. So BAFANG has update the 48V30A controller to 52V28A,then it can compatible with both 48V and 52V batteries. For a 52V battery it will show 100% on the display when connecting to the 52V controller, but for 48V battery,it will show 84%. We're still trying to resolve this matter,it's not a big question, it won't effect any functions.


4.What is the difference between BTN&ENA system from your company? 

                               The Difference Between BTN&ENA Kit System



           ENA KIT SYSTEM


Works with Shengyi&Bafang motors

Works with Shengyi& Bafang motors,More silent


No communication between battery and controller

UART 5.8 communication between battery and controller


All cables open wire(No harness)

HIGO Water-proof connectors with Harness


All different PAS sensor

Only works with double hall PAS sensor or Torque sensor



All ENA(UART) Displays, More display for optional


All different PAS sensor

All different PAS sensor


All different throttle

All different throttle