1.Where does EUNORAU located?

EUNORAU ebike is a global company which located in Las Vegas,USA, We have factoy in China&Europe. For marketing, they also have warehoues in AU/EUROPE.

2.What is the weight capacity of the bikes?

Folding bike: 150kg Step-thru bikes: 160kg MTB bikes: 170kg CARGO bikes: 200kg

3.Can I visit your local warehouse to see the bikes?

Yes, you can, please make a reservation with our sale manager at first.

4.Why does the battery indicator shown 84% for BBSHD motors?

Lots of customers used a 52V battery to connect with a 48V30A controller.Then the display might shown high voltage error 07. So BAFANG has update the 48V30A controller to 52V28A,then it can compatible with both 48V and 52V batteries. For a 52V battery it will show 100% on the display when connecting to the 52V controller, but for 48V battery,it will show 84%. We're still trying to resolve this matter,it's not a big question, it won't effect any fuctions. SOLUTION:

Step1. Buy a program cable from us, here's the link: https://eunorau-ebike.com/collections/bbs-ena-kit-parts/products/8fun-bafang-center-motor-middle-drive-motor-kit-bafang-usb-programmed-cable There's a youtube video down below for how to use BBS/ENA PROGRAM CABLe:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuzE9G2eyN4 

Step2.Download the program software here:https://www.dropbox.com/s/n9fys93k6q8hgj8/Bafang%20controller%20program.zip?dl=0

Step3.Follow the instruction complete program write