Is your E-bike insured? | Our Insurance policy - Eunorau Electric Bike

Apr 25, 2022

Is your E-bike insured? | Our Insurance policy - Eunorau Electric Bike
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Buying an electric bike is really exciting. It’s a new investment, a new way to travel, and your new companion! We want to make sure the happiness stays, so we’ve updated our insurance policy to ensure that you get the most out of your e-bike, while avoiding getting caught up in potential risks.


Why should you get an insurance policy?
With great fun, always comes some risk. Something that is often overlooked is that electric bikes are powerful, and are heavy-duty modes of transport; much more than a standard bicycle. When riding your e-bike, it’s important to consider the risks involved; bodily harm or property damage. Without an insurance policy like ours, the rider will face the burden of being accountable to singlehandedly pay off those financial charges.

How will our policy help you?
According to section 1a in our insurance policy agreement- we will pay for what the rider is legally obligated to pay for in property damages or bodily injuries. We will also legally have the right to defend the insured against any kind of “suit” seeking those damages.

Insurance that Eunorau provided are always here with you hand by hand

Why do we offer this policy?
Most e-bike companies are quite limited when it comes to offering customers insurance policies. This is because e-bikes do not fit in the same category as motorized vehicles, so riders don’t need a license, and therefore they do not need to be registered. E-bike companies translate this as e-bikes being more low-risk, and harmless... which is not true.


Our insurance policy is in the customer’s favor. We are able to make any potential injuries or damages less stressful for you, and help you through worrying situations. We believe that everybody should have a good riding experience, not to fear risk, and enjoy the ride.