Our new Eunorau FLASH Ebike

Feb 27, 2023

Our new Eunorau FLASH Ebike

We have a new ebike ready for you guys and we are really excited for it to be on the market! The ebike is called the Eunorau Flash; a long-range, steady-speed and super powerful electric bike that can take you way more than just the extra mile.

The flash has three different versions and comes in two colors; mid-drive, all-wheel drive, and rear wheel drive and all come in either mint green or black. Compared to other standard ebikes that have a 40 to maybe 70-kilometer range, the Flash has a whopping 350-kilometer range. Yes, 350 kilometers with ride assist.

You could pretty much ride from Sydney to Melbourne with 3 charges, Victoria to Tasmania with 2 charges and Byron Bay to Noosa with just 1 charge and still have extra battery left! You may be wondering how the Flash ebike has such a long range. Well, it is has a 52V1500W motor with TRIPLE LG batteries. Furthermore, it’s got double rear shock suspension and a torque sensor. It’s a one-of-a-kind ebike, and we expect it to be popular amongst bike-packers, adventurers and people looking for alternative modes of transport to get around without the burden of constant charging and low battery.

We are currently holding an Indiegogo campaign for this beast, so it would be great if you could give us some support and help us get this ebike to market ASAP!

Choose electric and ride EUNORAU!