Welcome, today we are announcing Eunorau Flash, our latest e-moped/e-bike hybrid

Eunorau Flash has many features which make it attractive to a lot of people in the e-bike and e-moped market.

The biggest one is the range, 3 battery option brings Flash to up to 350km/220mi in range (pedal assist-1 rider).

Pricing is one of the strong suits of Flash as well, It will be very competitive compared to bikes in its category.

It also comes with a torque sensor (mid-drive version only), and front and double rear spring shocks (rear shock is mid-drive only).

It will offer 3 motor options, mid-drive, awd, and rear-drive.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Vic, CMO of Eunorau at media01@eunorau-ebike.com

Click here to download Flash media kit, All-versions product photos + lifestyle photos + YouTube video links (updated April 4th)
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Flash will go live on Indiegogo at April 4th 8 AM PST









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