EUNORAU’s Dealer Annual Conference in Las Vegas: A Resounding Success

Aug 08, 2023

EUNORAU’s Dealer Annual Conference in Las Vegas: A Resounding Success
Last month, we held a dealer annual conference in Las Vegas to connect with our many dealers in the US. It was an unparalleled event where our CEO and dealers came together to discuss current business and future cooperation like never before.

Our CMO began by outlining EUNORAU's current initiatives, future plans, and upcoming product launches. This allowed the dealers to gain a deeper understanding of EUNORAU and our commitment to continue advancing our efforts in the EBIKE field. The presentation was well-received, with many dealers expressing their excitement about the new products and initiatives.

EUNORAU's vision is to drive the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. To achieve this goal, we believe in fostering strong relationships with our dealers and working together to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. The CEO and the dealers engaged in a productive discussion where the dealers shared some of the challenges they encountered during their operations. They also provided feedback from customers about our products and offered their own ideas for improvements and upgrades.

The CEO and the dealers had a lively exchange centered on the market and our products, bouncing ideas off each other. The discussion was characterized by a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect, with both sides listening attentively to each other's perspectives. During the discussion, Our CEO gained valuable insights into the needs of our customers. These insights have sparked new design inspirations, which we have already started incorporating into our new ebikes. Get ready for the EUNORAU 2024 Models, which promises to exceed your expectations with its innovative design! 

We also showcased some of our new e-bikes that we will soon be launching. These bikes feature cutting-edge technology and innovative design, making them some of the most advanced e-bikes on the market. After test riding our new e-bikes, the dealers expressed their confidence that these bikes will be a great success and reaffirmed their commitment to continue cooperating with EUNORAU. We also gathered valuable feedback about how our bikes can be improved through the dealers' test rides. We are considering incorporating these improvements into our new bikes, and we are very optimistic about EUNORAU's future!

In conclusion, the dealer annaul conference in Las Vegas was a resounding success. It provided an opportunity for us to connect with our dealers, share our vision for the future, and gather valuable feedback about our products. We are committed to continuing to work closely with our dealers to drive growth for both EUNORAU and small and medium-sized enterprises. Together, we are confident that we can achieve great things!