Hunting/Fishing Electric Bikes Rambo Bike VS Eunorau electric bike

Mar 24, 2020

Hunting/Fishing Electric Bikes Rambo Bike VS Eunorau electric bike

Hunter Electric Bikes Rambo Bike vs Eunorau

You can see more companies focus on certain niches such as Yuba focus only on cargo bikes. Recently I see two electric bikes which are focused on a certain niche; electric bikes for hunting. Rambo bikes 750 and Eunorau Fat HD . These electric bikes can be used for any off road purposes so you aren’t limited with only hunting. But if you are looking for an electric bike special for hunting then these seem the best two options you can find in the market.

Here we will cover them and compare them with each other in terms of motor, battery, ease of use, specs and price points.


Both electric bikes come with Bafang mid-drive motor but when you get into details you see Eunorau uses Bafang 1000 watt motor vs Rambo bikes 750 watt motor.

If you are going to ride them on flat surfaces those two motors won’t make much difference for you but once you are off-road and carrying heavy load or need to climb uphill this will make a big big difference.

Also Rambo bikes come with speed limit of 19 mph which is below most e-bikes in market. On the other hand Eunorau comes with 28 mph top speed which is almost 50% faster than Rambo bikes.

Both electric bikes come with good motor protection which is essential for such purpose electric bikes.

So if you are looking for speed or power (for hauling or climbing), without doubt we need to go with Eunorau here.

To learn more about mid-drive motors you can check our article about mid motors vs hub motors.


rambo bike moTor


eunorau mid drive motor


Mid-drive motors are more efficient than hub motors but still you will need a fairly large battery capacity if you are planning to go off-road. As it isn’t possible to charge your e-bike in woods.

Rambo bikes comes with 48V 10.4ah which is a very standard electric bike battery you can see on $1499 electric bikes in market (It is a a 500wh battery capacity). They use LG battery cells which are good but not exceptional cells like Samsung or Panasonic.

Eunorau has a larger battery 48V 15.6ah which is almost 50% larger than Rambo bikes. In this way you will have 50% longer range but also you can use your e-bike battery for 50% longer without replacing it.

E-bike batteries have a lifecycle which is 800 full cycles on average. So you can use your Eunorau battery for 50% longer duration without buying a replacement battery.

Here without doubt Eunorau offers a better configuration and bang for your buck.



 rambo bike battery

                                  EUNORAU BATTERY

  eunorau battery


When you go off-road suspension of your electric bike and travel of it determines how comfortable your ride is.

Rambo bikes comes with a sweet looking fork which has a smooth design. But there is a big trade-off that is comfort. It is a Rigid alloy fork which offers “0” travel. So get ready for a rough ride when you go off-road and you need to lower your speed before you ride over bumps. It is adviced not only for your ride comfort but for your e-bike safety too.

Eunorau is using RST suspension fork. It isn’t air suspension rather it uses coil suspension. It has a good 100 mm. travel which is enough for most terrains and you are able to adjust compression and preload. On top of that fat tires contribute to absorb shocks on the road. On or off the road this configuration gives you a very comfortable ride. If you have never ride fat electric bike then you may need 3-4 minutes to adjust to it. But after that your ride will be just smooth and comfortable.

If you want to contribute to your comfort of your ride you may invest a suspension seatpost which will absorb more shocks.





Rambo electric bike’s display is located on the stem which is within easy eye view and you can control the display from the control panel located on left side of handlebar. It is a fairly large display which is easy to navigate. The display is produced by Chinese manufacturer APT systems. One drawback of such displays are they are so obviously “over there” which makes them easy target for thieves to steal.

Eunorau bikes also uses APT systems display which is on the left side of handlebar. Control panel is integrated on the display. It is a smaller display but still shows every information you want and is very easy to scroll. Eunorau has one big advantage over Rambo electric bikes here which is being a colored display. The display is full colored so even on very sunny days or at night it is fairly easier to view the numbers on display.

Control of display as mentioned is integrated and it is in easy reach of your left hand. It has only two buttons which are used to turn on headlight and adjust pedal assist levels. You can easily change PAS level without removing your hand from handlebar which is important for safety of e-bike rider especially if you are riding your e-bike off-road.

Both displays are similar in terms of functions but I personally prefer Eunorau as it has a more simple and sleek design. And it isn’t that much “over there” which makes it not an obvious target.


rambo bike display


eunorau e-bike display

Eunorau comes with both headlight and rear light. Headlight is integrated with e-bike and has 6-lux lumination. It is good for most cases. Rear light has two modes and located on seatpost. Unfortunately it works with dry battery so you need to change battery of rear light from time to time.

Rambo bikes has neither headlight nor rear light. And if you want to add them your only choice is independent working ones which can’t utilize e-bike battery. This is a big NO for me. Especially if you are producing electric bikes for off-road having at least headlight is a MUST.

I have to say that EUNORAU offers better electronics part. Even it uses standard lights they do the work and offers almost full configuration of electronics. Rambo bikes has simpler display and no lights and also seems impossible to add battery operated lights. That is a big negative for me.


Both frames are made from 6061 alloy and has similar weights. To my surpise Eunorau is slightly ligther than Rambo bikes considering it’s larger battery capacity. Eunorau weighs 62 lbs vs Rambo bike’s 63.8 lbs. The difference can seem small but when loading your e-bike to a car rack that 1.8 lbs will let you feel it. The weight difference also affects your range, acceleration and top speed.

Both e-bikes have similar frame geometry which has sloping top tube. This makes most people to easily get on and off the bike and let your e-bike have a lower stand-over height.

Rambo bikes have cages for rear rack but you need to order it separately which will add $99.99 to the price tag.

Eunorau comes with rear rack so on top of a cheaper price you will also save $100 for the rear rack. Rear rack has attachments for pannier bag actually pannier bags as you can attach both of them.



Rambo bikes offer many accessories especially for hunting but they all come with high price tag. So you need to be ready for spending lot of $$.


Rambo bike is better in terms of available but optional accessories and has better drive train (Sturmey Archer) compared to Eunorau.I love smoothness of internal hub gears.

But Eunorau has a better all in all configuration with a more powerful motor, larger battery capacity, lighter e-bike, front suspension fork, standard rear rack, fenders (you need to pay for these on Rambo bike), front & rear light.

Besides that Eunorau comes with $2399 price tag compared to $2699 price tag of Rambo bikes. So it offers a much better value to the rider. So I have to give the winner position here to Eunorau. Even there are points where Rambo bike shines Eunorau offers more value in most of the segments here.

You can order Rambo bikes from this link and can order Eunorau from their website here.


eunorau compare to rambo bikes


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